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2003-04-15 The Future of the Hydrogen Economy: Bright or Bleak?

Ulf Bossel, Baldur Eliasson, and Gordon Taylor

I found on the Internet an early version of this paper, authored by Ulf Bossel and Baldur Eliasson. I had been doing desk research in the same general area, and offered a number of comments and contributions over a period of some months. Eventually I became a co-author of the final version, dated 2003-04-15.


1983-04-06 The Scope for Electricity Saving in Domestic Appliances

I was commissioned to produce this study by Earth Resources Research, on behalf of Friends of the Earth UK in connection the Sizewell B Enquiry.

2010-09 Energy Resources and Rates for Depletables and Renewables

I produced a presentation showing that the peak discovery of depletable fuels, such as oil, gas, coal and uranium, occurs some 35 years before peak production, so giving ample warning.

2008-03-28 Response to the Heat Call for Evidence

I submitted PDF and supporting Excel files in resonse to the UK Government Heat Call for Evidence in Buildings and Industry.

Vestas tests four-rotor concept turbine

Illustration of the multi-rotor concept demonstration turbine. Image source, Vestas
DENMARK: Future technologies will be given a jolt of fresh thinking as Vestas prepares for a year of testing and validating a 900kW multi-rotor concept turbine, which is being installed near Roskilde, Denmark, this week. Eize de Vries talked exclusively to Vestas engineers about the potential of the concept turbine.

It is set to become a blueprint for larger-scale future products for specific markets, and the company plans to test core scaling rules, risks and opportunities, and transport and installation challenges in new markets.

2008-02-18 Carbon Savings in the Buildings Sector

The on-site generation of electricity and heat from renewables – often called microgeneration - has been proposed in the U.K. for saving carbon – reducing carbon emissions – in the buildings sector.


Go-ahead Given for World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm: 1.8-GW Hornsea Project Two

Havvindparken Sheringham Shoal (Photo: Harald Pettersen/Statoil)

“Overall we see a great future for offshore wind in the UK for the right type of projects,” a DONG Energy spokesperson told Renewable Energy World. “At DONG Energy we currently have four projects under construction in the UK, which will provide another 2.7 gigawatts of offshore wind power.”


2002-04-05 Response to Draft of 'Powering Future Vehicles'

This study was prompted by: 'Powering Future Vehicles. Draft Government Strategy' published by the DTLR/DTI/DEFRA/HM TREASURY in 2001. The main objective was to reduce the CO2 emissions of future passenger cars.

2011-03-11 Fukushima - My Documents

On 2011-03-11, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan was damaged by a major earthquake and tsunami. The three operating reactors overheated, leading to hydrogen explosions and radioactive releases, which necessitated progressively wider evacuations of the populace. In the weeks that followed, it became clear that Reactors 1 to 3 and the spent fuel pools of Reactors 1 to 4 had the potential for far greater radioactive releases.

1974 - 2000 Energy-saving measures

Since buying my own home, I have applied a large number of energy-saving measures.
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