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This page is of documents by Gordon Taylor

2018-10-10 Decarbonising the Heat Sector

London Heat Map - click for full size image
London Heat Map

Options for low-carbon space and water heating include:
• Low-carbon Hydrogen replacing natural gas in the gas network.
• Individual Electric Heat Pumps using renewable electricity.
• District Heating (DH) with large Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and renewable heat.

Low-carbon Hydrogen and Electricity even for Heat Pumps are still poor exergy matches for space and water heating.
Modern District Heating networks have an annual average water flow temperature of about 70o C.
So by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, they give the best possible exergy match to space and water heat loads.
Compared with current gas boilers, large CHP plants give large savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for heat.
They can be Combined Cycle, fuelled with gas or biomethane, or Steam Cycle, fuelled with Municipal Waste or Biomass.

Only District Heating can harness low-carbon renewable heat sources, such as solar and deep geothermal heat, as well as excess renewable electricity.

Unlike gas boilers and electric heat pumps, District Heating enables the central CHP and renewable heat plant to be halved in size, due to the Diversity of the individual heat loads.

Copenhagen, using District Heating with heat from large Combined Heat and Power plants and renewable sources, is on track to be zero-carbon by 2025.


2018-07-04 Climate and Energy Transition to Zero Carbon

Detailed Sustainable Energy Transition Path Graph - click for full size image
Planning the appropriate renewable energy installation rate should balance two partially contradictory objectives: substituting fossil fuels fast enough to stave-off the worst consequences of climate change while maintaining a sufficient net energy flow to support the world's economy.

See: 2016-09-07 Quantifying the Narrowing Net-energy Pathways to a Global Energy Transition

2014-01-16 NHK Fukushima 'Meltdown' Documentaries

There have been many official enquiries into the Fukushima disaster (2011-03-11). However NHK, the leading Japanese broadcaster, waited a year or more until people were ready to talk, interviewed over 300, later 400, of those directly involved and outside experts, and collected huge amounts of data. This has enabled realistic re-enactments of the sequence of events. So among many other programmes on the Fukushima disaster, NHK has produced three 'Meltdown' documentaries in English, first broadcast on 2012-01, 2012-08-18, and 2013-03-05. This last was about 24 months after the disaster

2013-10-22 Auto Graphical Insights: Learning from Plots of Car Data

This presentation was made up of three topics: - Data for all cars on the UK market - fuel consumption and CO2 (taxation) - Data from running a Model Year 2000 Toyota Prius - Data comparing Lifecycle CO2 of ICEV on renewable fuel with BEV on renewable electricity

2015-11-19 Changing from CFLs to LEDs

The lights in the Kitchen had been replaced with (2) Linear Fluorescent lamps, and those in the Lounge and Dining Room with Circular Fluorescent lamps. Also I had long replaced all the incandescent lamps with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). However, the latter were less than ideal in taking a minute or so to reach full brightness, and in the 'bluish' light quality. I was aware that Light Emitting Diode lamps (LEDs) promised superior performance in both respects, together with longer lifetimes, so I monitored their performance and prices over time.

2017-04-12 Cutting Heating Bills: Efficiency, Solar and Insulation

Daily Heat Flows vs Outside Temperature - click for full size image
Daily Heat Flows vs Outside Temperature
• Measurements and Data Logging
• Design for High Boiler Efficiency
• Boiler Performance and Efficiency
• House Heat Loss and Solar Gains
• Heat Loss Reduction with Insulation

2015-01-14 Saving Electricity in Appliances and Lighting

Energy usage monitor
This presentation is based on my study of saving electricity in my own home, and was given to a meeting of the South Essex Area of the I.Mech.E., the I.E.T., and the Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society.

2018-10-30 UK Floating Wind Could Support 17,000 Jobs & Generate £33.6 Billion In Value By 2050

Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm - click for full size image
Hywind Scotland, the world’s first floating offshore wind farm
A new report commissioned by the Crown Estate Scotland has found that not only does floating offshore wind have an important role to play in the UK’s plans to generate 50 gigawatts (GW) from offshore wind by 2050 but that it could support up to 17,000 jobs and provide £33.6 billion in added value.

2015-11-17 The Real Merits of Large CHP-DH

Large CHP-DH v Heat Pumps - click for full size image
Large CHP-DH v Heat Pumps
Why Combined Heat and Power ?
Electric Heat Pumps
Large CHP-District Heating
The Importance of CHP Unit Size
Large CHP-DH is best for near-zero-carbon heat

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