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2020-01-22 Development of a Global Atlas of Off-River Pumped Hydro Storage

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I found this presentation by Matthew Stocks et al and asked the permission of Professor Andrew Blakers to extend it with a section on the potential in the UK. He agreed, and Dr Matthew Stocks kindly provided extracts for the UK.

This shows that there are 195 sites in the UK, with a total potential capacity of 6047 GWh.
As the requirement for 100% renewable electricity is only about 1400 GWh, it would be possible to select the best, near to existing grid power lines, and with the greatest height difference between the upper and lower reservoirs.

However, the UK has several interconnectors to neighbouring countries, some with time differences. These should allow 100% renewable electricity to be achieved with somewhat less pumped storage in the UK and the neighbouring countries.


2019-10-07 Changing from GLS to LEDs

This table shows the overall effect on power consumption of changing most of my lights from General Lighting Service (GLS incandescent) to Light Emitting Diode (LEDs). This was 87%.


2015-11-19 Changing from CFLs to LEDs

The lights in the Kitchen had been replaced with (2) Linear Fluorescent lamps, and those in the Lounge and Dining Room with Circular Fluorescent lamps. Also I had long replaced all the incandescent lamps with Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). However, the latter were less than ideal in taking a minute or so to reach full brightness, and in the 'bluish' light quality. I was aware that Light Emitting Diode lamps (LEDs) promised superior performance in both respects, together with longer lifetimes, so I monitored their performance and prices over time.

2015-01-14 Saving Electricity in Appliances and Lighting

Energy usage monitor
This presentation is based on my study of saving electricity in my own home, and was given to a meeting of the South Essex Area of the I.Mech.E., the I.E.T., and the Chelmsford Science and Engineering Society.

2013-10-09 Electricity from Wind and Storage

Electricity from Wind and Storage
This presentation was given to a meeting of the South Essex Area of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Chelmsford on 9th October 2013.

2010-09-21 CCS vs Wind Turbines

This presentation was prepared for - but not given at - a conference on Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in London.

The UK Government was then offering the power companies £ 1 billion to build coal- or gas-fired power plants with CCS.


2010-09 Saving Electricity

This short presentation on Saving Electricity in Industry and Homes was given to an engineering society.

The data was valid at the time, but there have been considerable changes in some end-uses, especially lighting.


2008-02-18 Carbon Savings in the Buildings Sector

The on-site generation of electricity and heat from renewables – often called microgeneration - has been proposed in the U.K. for saving carbon – reducing carbon emissions – in the buildings sector.


1983-04-06 The Scope for Electricity Saving in Domestic Appliances

I was commissioned to produce this study by Earth Resources Research, on behalf of Friends of the Earth UK in connection the Sizewell B Enquiry.